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Most people don’t care about your opinion on social media. But companies do, and they’ll pay you to answer their questions. But how much do they pay and how many questions do you have to answer to earn money?

There are many survey companies to choose from. Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Nielsen, Opinion Outpost, and One Opinion are popular options. I found they are all quite similar. You’ll answer a ton of questions about yourself before you even access the surveys. Your age, gender, job, income, pets, education. You name it and they ask for it.

And it may take some time. Sometimes you choose to take a survey and answer these questions only to be told that you are not eligible and will have to repeat the process to take another survey.

A JD Power survey was about how I use my primary credit card and my opinion of how the credit card company treats its customers. The survey had about 100 questions and was supposed to take 15 minutes, but it took over 20. And I earned 10 points.

All surveys pay in points. A point is worth a penny. So, this 150-point survey should take about an hour. Yes, it’s $1.50 an hour. You can’t navigate your way through the polls by just clicking on the answers, because every once in a while a question is slipped in there to make sure you’re paying attention. Most surveys pay you once you reach $10 or 1000 points. Payments are made in gift cards for Amazon, Apple, Walmart and others.

After completing about six surveys in about three hours, I made just over $6. I will need to take about four additional surveys for the $10 threshold. Of course, you are only sharing your opinion, without any critical reflection. But there has to be a better way to earn extra money.

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