Virtual Residence Interviews: A Survey of Anesthesiology Program Directors’ Perspectives Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


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J Educ Perioper Med. Oct 1, 2021; 23 (4): E674. doi: 10.46374 / volxxiii_issue4_ho. eCollection 2021 Oct-Dec


BACKGROUND: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a rapid shift from face-to-face to virtual residence interviews across the United States. We present a survey we conducted on the attitudes and opinions of anesthesiology program directors towards the virtual interview process 2021.

METHODS: This was a 13-question online survey distributed to 142 directors of anesthesiology residency programs in February 2021, asking them to compare the most recent interview cycle to their experience with previous cycles.

RESULTS: There were 46 (37%) respondents. Generally, respondents saw an increase in the number of applicants and reported perceiving a deterioration in interpersonal relationships with applicants, significantly in programs with small classes of residents.

CONCLUSIONS: Previous research has focused on the benefits of virtual interviews for the candidate, but these should be evaluated alongside increased difficulties for interviewers.

PMID: 34977278 | PMC: PMC8694035 | DOI: 10.46374 / volxxiii_issue4_ho


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