Video exit interviews posted on social media platforms are gaining popularity

According to a recent Digipoll exit interview survey conducted by Genius Consultants Ltd., one of India’s leading HR solutions organizations, a new trend of video exit interviews has been seen to be emerging in today’s market. An overwhelming 60% of respondents said they were OK with having their exit interviews conducted on video.

The national survey which covered more than 500 organisations, reports that around 60% of participating employees are willing to have their exit interviews videotaped and agree to be posted on social media sites, while around 40% of respondents are opposed to the idea. The survey also highlights that 64% of respondents believe exit interviews are critical in predicting future employee turnover.

About 62% said that employee exit surveys and their feedback mechanisms help create better efficiency and a desirable work environment. An overwhelming majority of over 79% of respondents said exit surveys are a big part of measuring employee satisfaction.

Is it ethical to broadcast video exit interviews?

According to Praveen Purohit, Deputy CHRO of Vedanta Group, “I think there is nothing wrong, ethically or otherwise, in asking employees to share a detailed reason when leaving. fairness, employees can always decline to give an exit interview unless contractually required to do so. Whether it’s an exit interview or just filling out a form, this is a platform two-way that serves both the employee and the employer.
For the employer, it is a source of unbiased feedback since employees can share freely without fear of repercussions. For the employee, it is a way to express their feelings and thoughts and to share any type of feedback, whether positive or not. At Vedanta, we welcome any type of feedback as we look at it from a positive perspective, because there is always room to do better and we believe in constantly changing and transforming for good.

“Indeed, it is completely ethical to ask employees their reasons for leaving during exit interviews. It helps the organization look in the mirror and assess its current policies and practices and take action, if necessary. It also helps an organization examine emerging trends and revise its strategy from time to time. Exit interviews are also very important in predicting future employee turnover. From a professional point of view, exit interviews and the feedback associated with them help create desirable work environments and help gauge employee satisfaction,” says amit das, director of human resources and the director of resources. human beings, Bennett Coleman.

Capturing the conversation on video and posting it on social media sends a very positive message about the organization to the professional world. This shows that the organization believes in transparency and is open to feedback. More importantly, it shows that the organization is not turning away from its possible areas of improvement and exposing them to the world.

Commenting on the survey, Mr. R. P. Yadav, President and Managing Director of Genius Consultants Ltd, said: “Organizations are aware of the importance of exit interviews in workplaces. These sessions play a vital role in identifying the main issues that affect a healthy work environment. We are aware that today is the day and age of social media, but it was refreshing to see respondents coming out in large numbers and agreeing to have their exit interviews posted on social media platforms. Organizations, by virtue of exit interviews posted on social media platforms, can create a favorable impression on potential employees in terms of transparency and demonstrate excellent company culture. »

He added, “Millennials and the next generation of Gen Z who are about to be employed are finding online platforms to be the surest way to gain knowledge and make an informed decision about everything. what is important. The easy access and high engagement with social media also makes it a preferred option for workplaces to build their image. »

Fad or trend?

Communication channels have evolved over the years and with the advent of technology, including the smartphone revolution, the way we communicate has changed dramatically over the past decade. These days, Millennials and Gen Z believe the internet is the fastest and most accurate source of information.

Platforms like Glassdoor, Ambition Box, etc. have already offered existing employees the opportunity to share their views on current organizations. Das believes that with this in mind, workplaces have also evolved their strategies for interacting with the current and potential employee through their social media handles and building their image. He feels that this trend is here to stay and will continue to evolve with certain aspects of the Metaverse also coming into play.

Although Purohit thinks the public may want this practice to continue, but from an employee’s or employer’s perspective, it doesn’t seem like a value-added practice. It may be a marketing stunt, but the chances of this practice becoming the norm are very slim.

Purohit further explains, “Once employees are aware of this practice in their respective companies, what they share in the exit interview may not be 100% true as they know the wider audience will be informed. As a rule, these interviews are strictly confidential and rightly so. The main reason behind these exit interviews is the organizations own goal to get open and valuable feedback to improve their practices and processes and not make it a marketing project. »

While the positives can be easily highlighted, the finer details would warrant closer scrutiny. For this to work, organizations need to present both sides of the story and not just highlight the positives. Moreover, they must act on the feedback received which would send a positive message to the outside world and would certainly reinforce their values ​​as an organization. The professional world understands that every organization has shortcomings. What matters most is that they are ready to accept them and are nimble enough to take the necessary action.

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