TX restaurant owner applauds review of homophobic customer


A Texas restaurant owner’s response to a nasty, homophobic Facebook post attacking an employee has gone viral.

In a review on the Facebook page of Dakota’s Steakhouse in Hereford, Texas, a woman said she would not be returning to the steakhouse.

Her reason for not coming back was not because of her experience with the food or the restaurant service, but rather the appearance of her waiter.

Although since deleted from Dakota’s Steakhouse of Hereford’s Facebook page, last July’s post has gone viral via screenshots uploaded to the Reddit thread. “Crazy people Facebook. “

In her one-sentence review, the woman openly expressed her horror at the outward appearance of her waiter.

“I won’t be coming back if the boys look like women with painted fingernails and serve people. Seriously.”

After receiving a sign of support from another Facebooker, the woman went on a rampage in a response.

“Nails longer than mine, painted eyebrows and makeup with Scott peeling off so disgusting oh and a sparkly choker.”

The restaurants owner, Josh Murray came to the server’s defense.

“At Dakota’s Steakhouse, we stand behind our staff 100%.”

“It doesn’t matter what their religion, race, criminal background or sexuality; I do not judge.”

“I choose to provide a job opportunity for everyone.”

“If this offends you, please stay home. “

“After all, if you could cook Debbie, then maybe Scott wouldn’t be looking at his server all night.

Murray’s response was greeted with a standing ovation from his Facebook colleagues, even drawing international attention from Canada and France.

And while this ignorant woman won’t be returning to Dakota’s Steakhouse anytime soon, Murray’s response has resulted in an influx of new patrons eager to visit Daktota’s, even a handful of vegetarians and vegans.

While Texas isn’t known for having a particularly progressive social policy, Murray welcomes everyone to his restaurant with open arms.

Unless they choose to be fanatical.

So maybe they should just stay home and cook their own food.

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