The Crown Estate seeks opinions on the proposed floating wind surveys

The Crown Estate is seeking views to help accelerate the benefits of floating wind technology in the Celtic Sea, with plans to support the funding and implementation of this new approach.

Opinions on the pre-consent survey requirements are invited from over 50 developers. The Crown Estate aims to provide an opportunity to develop a data collection program that could potentially reduce project development times, by supporting developers in their data collection processes.

The engagement will solicit feedback on datasets, methods, standards, and areas of interest that would expedite delivery as much as possible. Subject to feedback, surveys could include geophysical data, wind resources, seabed composition and environmental factors. According to The Crown Estate, the surveys will ensure that developments can continue to be sensitive to environmental pressures and the needs of other maritime industries.

The Crown Estate’s ring-fenced investment builds on previous collaboration with developers on such investigations, as part of its new approach to delivering offshore wind technology to the UK. Once developers have shared their views and the results of the market engagement exercise have been collated, The Crown Estate will solicit views from marine stakeholders. A final investment decision will be made later this year.

Graham Moates, Program Manager for Pre-Consent Investigations at The Crown Estate, said: “To help meet ambitions to deliver increased energy from offshore wind and to do so as efficiently as possible, The Crown Estate is pursuing a series of investments and actions to accelerate construction of the floating offshore wind farm in the Celtic Sea.

“We are committed to engaging with stakeholders and the market throughout this journey and, to make this survey program as impactful as possible, we will continue to work closely with potential bidders to ensure that we can help them collect the right kind of data.”

The Crown Estate will also shortly share an update on the Celtic Sea floating wind development research areas, following an ongoing engagement program with stakeholders. Further engagement will take place in the coming months to further guide the search areas for sites to be developed, which will be considered as part of the integrated assessment of habitat regulations.

For more information on floating offshore wind farms around the world, Click here.

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