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Suzy integrates quantitative and qualitative research tools, as well as a high-quality proprietary audience network into a single connected research cloud. With the addition of focus groups, researchers and marketers now have a powerful set of tools to uncover qualitative insights.

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Suzy Live Focus Groups allow researchers to conduct remote interviews with consumers and leverage the group setting to explore concepts, build empathy, and gain a range of essential qualitative insights. (Photo: BusinessWire)

Suzy Live Newsgroups allows researchers to conduct remote interviews with consumers and leverage the group setting to explore concepts, build empathy, and gain a range of essential qualitative insights. The addition of focus groups complements the Suzy Live offering, which currently offers In-Depth Interviews (IDI) for one-on-one discussions as well as In-Home Use Testing (IHUTS) for product testing. Suzy Live allows users to easily combine quantitative and qualitative research methodologies into a closed information loop that allows researchers to test, learn, iterate, and repeat.

With Suzy Live Newsgroupsbrands can:

  • Build a project in as little as 72 hours.
  • Tap into Suzy’s exclusive audience of screened and verified consumers.
  • Organize focus groups remotely, save time and money.
  • Create a feedback loop with audience retargeting and interview the same participants over and over again.
  • Manage the entire chat group with unique platform features such as a waiting room, floating capabilities, and quantitative onboarding.

“Traditional focus groups are expensive and time-consuming, while today’s digital focus group solutions are logistically challenging. With our new focus group offering, customers can now do in minutes what previously took weeks,” said Avi Savar, President of Suzy. “Suzy Live takes care of audience recruiting, scheduling, moderation, transcription and more. Enabling our clients to get quality insights faster and cheaper than any other solution on the market. »

Suzy continues to disrupt and reinvent the market research industry. In addition to Suzy Live chat groups, the platform is packed with new and innovative features, dynamic segmentation, which brings efficiency to traditional segmentation studies using advanced machine learning. Suzy also recently presented a new MRX Industry Advisory Board comprised of top brand executives to guide the company’s continued growth. Supported by the guidance and insights of the experts and executives who make up the new Board of Directors, Suzy will redouble her efforts to expand her ever-growing share of the market research space and reach new markets and verticals.

Suzy Live Focus Groups is available to current customers with a Suzy license. For a demonstration of Suzy, please visit

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Founded in 2018, Suzy is a real-time market research platform that aims to advance human understanding between consumers and businesses around the world, at the speed of culture. Suzy’s audience-powered tools enable end-to-end research, helping businesses easily make smarter decisions. Many of the world’s leading brands use Suzy to deliver breakthrough products and experiences backed by data-driven decisions. Suzy has been recognized on the Forbes list of America’s Best Employers of 2022, Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces of 2022, and as a GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Supplier in Market Research. Suzy has raised over $100 million in venture funding from investors including Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Foundry Group, HIG Capital, North Atlantic Capital, Tribeca Venture Partners, Triangle Peak Partners and Kevin Durant’s 35 Ventures. Learn more at

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