Sussex mails surveys for commercial properties as part of reassessment

The Sussex County property reassessment effort is moving into another phase with commercial properties.

The county will release commercial valuation surveys on nearly 4,500 commercial properties throughout the county this month as part of the ongoing revaluation process. Surveys are for commercial and business property owners only, to provide important information about the activities of each parcel, which will then be used to help determine the overall value of a property.

Surveys will be mailed and must be returned to Sussex County by October 31.

Sussex County, along with the other two counties in Delaware, is conducting a blanket reassessment of all properties after agreeing to a court settlement in 2021 over outdated property assessments, which are used to calculate annual property tax bills with revenues collected for local government services and public education.

Since last fall, the county’s contract vendor, Tyler Technologies, has conducted a plot-by-plot review, using aerial photos and site visits to assess each property and its improvements. The teams are continuing their work on residential plots, but are now moving on to commercial properties in this next phase of the overall review.

All properties are appraised and recalculated based on current industry accepted methodologies to produce new appraisals that will reflect their true dollar value, a requirement under Delaware law. Preliminary assessments are expected later in 2023.

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