Surveys: Resumption of meetings continues as corporate travelers prepare

U.S. corporate meeting volume in March rose 65% from February levels of meetings and events, with total U.S. meeting count up nearly 56%, vendor says of Knowland meetings and events data.

The healthcare, technology, and training/education sectors have led the boom in corporate meetings, according to Knowland.

Knowland evaluates data from approximately 2,800 US hotels to determine meeting volume. Other overall US March meeting recovery metrics, including average number of attendees and average space used, reached their highest level of recovery compared to 2019. The recovery segment included retailer online, tobacco, charities/social services and urban infrastructure.

Meanwhile, 84% of business travelers surveyed in March expect to make at least one trip to attend conferences, conventions or trade shows in the next six months, according to a new survey from Tourism Economics, created in collaboration with the US Travel Association and JD Pouvoir.

From March 4-14, companies collected responses from 2,593 self-identified business travelers to JD Power’s online surveys at Harry Reid International Airport near Las Vegas and Miami International Airports. Business travelers survey respondents expect to resume travel over the next six months at levels close to pre-pandemic levels, averaging around 1.6 trips per month, down from 1.7 before the pandemic.

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