Surveys for GNO’s annual start-up report due March 31

the Greater New Orleans (GNO) Startup Report is an award-winning initiative, led by the Albert Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Tulane University, to collect data on startups in the Greater New Orleans area.

The goal of the report is to provide a comprehensive overview of the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem that makes it easier to understand earnings and hiring needs and provides clues on what it will take to help businesses grow.

Last Year’s GNO Startup Report detailed more than $2 billion in startup departures by local and regional companies, including TurboSquid and Levelset. And, of course, the state’s first unicorn company, Lucidsold for $1.1 billion last fall.

Surveys for the GNO 2022 Kickoff Report are due Thursday, March 31. All data collected is anonymized and only reported in aggregate form.

Entrepreneurs encouraged to apply must be located in the Greater New Orleans area, have an annual recurring income of less than $60,000,000 or have a business less than five years old, or identify themselves as a participant in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and innovation in the region.

“Data serves as a tool for influencing policy, attracting investment, applying for grants, implementing programs and measuring success,” Center Lepage said.

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