Steamboat community investigations are ongoing

Downtown Steamboat Springs from a vantage point near Old Town Hot Springs. The city is in the process of sending out its 2022 Community Survey, which will help identify how residents feel about various aspects of life in Steamboat Springs. The results will be compiled and compared to surveys from previous years.
Town of Steamboat Springs/Courtesy Photo

The 2022 Steamboat Springs Community Survey will soon end up in the mailboxes of 2,000 randomly selected Steamboat Springs residents.

“Information from the survey is essential to understanding the community’s values ​​and vision for the future,” Winnie DelliQuadri, the city’s special projects manager, wrote in a press release.

According to DelliQuadri, the survey should only take about 20 minutes to complete.

The initial postcards are being mailed out this week, and on Wednesday, September 7, the survey questionnaires will be mailed out and should appear in mailboxes about a week after that. The City asks residents to complete the surveys and return them as soon as possible.

The survey aims to help identify what the community thinks is working well, what can be improved, and how the community thinks the city should proceed on various important issues in the coming years.

The survey results will be compiled and compared to statistics from previous years and the results are expected to be released in December.

A community survey committee developed the survey in meetings spanning several months. The committee drafted 47 questions on quality of life, community characteristics, housing, municipal services and long-term financing, recreational activities, tourism impacts and environmental initiatives; follow-up of demographic questions.

Surveys will be sent through the US Postal Service to randomly selected members of the community to ensure that the compilation of information is statistically valid.

“These statistically valid surveys are extremely helpful to council and staff in terms of establishing policy and the quality of our service delivery,” said City Manager Gary Suiter.

The surveys are each saved to a single address to ensure that households only receive one, but two copies will be sent to recipients at different times – in early and late September – in case the first copy is misplaced.

Both full-time and part-time residents are eligible to receive the surveys, and recipients will be asked whether they live in Steamboat full-time or part-time.

Recipients of the 2020 community survey expressed general approval of the city and its staff on most issues, including improved satisfaction levels over previous years regarding animal control, repair of streets, public information and communication services, city recreation facilities, city court, city recreation programs, economic development efforts, comprehensive customer service by city employees, police, financial support for non-profit organizations, crime prevention, storm water drainage and overall quality of life.

The 2020 survey selected 2,500 residents and yielded a 36% response rate.

“A small portion of your time will pay huge dividends to the community as we chart the future on important issues facing us all,” DelliQuadri wrote. “Thank you in advance for helping to create a better city!”

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