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Residents of St. Charles School District 303 are invited to share their feedback through a series of online polls as part of the district’s Listening Sessions.

The surveys will also be available to students, their families and staff. The district’s first series of Listen Learn Return in-person sessions wrapped up earlier this fall and now more people are being invited to participate electronically.

“I have truly enjoyed meeting and learning from the hundreds of people who have attended our in-person Listening, Learning and Feedback sessions,” school superintendent Paul Gordon said in a press release. of the St. Charles School District. “Thank you for taking the time and your willingness to share your feedback and hear others’ perspectives. From the beginning, our plan has been to extend these opportunities to those who were unable to attend. I look forward to learning from even more of you through a series of online surveys.

Starting Monday, the district will launch the first of three surveys over a three-week period. Each survey will be open for one week and will ask the same questions presented in the in-person sessions, which sought feedback on district challenges, opportunities for growth and points of pride.

“It’s also important that the online surveys were closely aligned with our in-person methods and participant standards, which provided a safe space that encouraged honest feedback and the opportunity to learn from others’ perspectives,” Gordon said. “That’s why we’re going to use a platform called ThoughtExchange.”

ThoughtExchange is an anonymous survey tool that offers two-way engagement on important topics. Each survey, known as an exchange, has three parts: first, participants are asked to share their thoughts on a single open-ended question; second, they are asked to evaluate the thoughts of others; finally, participants can discover the entire conversation and notes.

The process is confidential, so identities will not be known or associated with others’ thoughts or assessments.

Survey/exchange timeline:

● October 24 – October 31 | Exchange 1: Challenges

● October 31 – November 7 | Exchange 2: Growth

● November 7 – November 14 | Exchange 3: Pride The link to access each survey will be shared the morning of the exchange start date on the Listen Learn Return website, in parent and student emails, and on district social media.

Learn more about this process and the ThoughtExchange platform at

“We look forward to expanding our feedback to help guide our decision-making, the future of our district, and the success of our students,” Gordon said in the statement.

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