Researcher to design and conduct a series of interviews with key informants on a digital backup platform

Land of men – in consortium with Direct social development, Clear Globaland ICVA – has developed a website “Backup Resource and Support Center”(RSH) to support international development organizations in improving their safeguarding policies and practices.

The site has been operational since June 2020 and offers several hundred practical documents for organizations: quality advice, tools, support and research on backup. Partners struggle to present these resources in a way that helps users find what they’re looking for. Users can be overwhelmed by the number of documents and discouraged. For this reason, the consortium partners are seeking feedback from its users on the services and products offered by RSH.


Terre des hommes is seeking the services of a qualified researcher to explore what the needs of RSH users are and whether a solution based on machine learning can meet these needs. The report will contribute to RSH’s annual usability report to the FCDO and form the basis of a decision on whether or not to develop a machine learning-based solution for RSH.

The main activities of the researcher are:

  • design and conduct 5-10 online key informant interviews with current RSH users,
  • write the report of the interviews,
  • present the results to the RSH team and help them make a decision.

The main objective is to know the opinion and experience of users on the use of the website and its services/products, in order to help them navigate the website and find the advice they need quickly and easily. need. Interviews will follow a recent online survey (results will be made available to the consultant).


  1. Development of the methodology, survey and interviews with key informants (by October 20, 2022)
  2. Completion of survey and all key informant interviews (by November 15, 2022)
  3. Report of interviews and feedback collected (before November 30, 2022)

Profile of the researcher


  • relevant university degree (social studies preferred)
  • experience in machine learning (experience or studies) preferred


  • 3 to 5 years of research experience
  • knowledge of machine learning technologies and how they can help the use of the website
  • knowledge of UX principles
  • cultural awareness of CSOs, NGOs in development
  • work experience in international development is an asset
  • flexibility and ability to conduct interviews online


  • English. Excellent communication skills required.

How to register

Please send an offer with references to similar work performed, qualifications, proof of incorporation (billing ability) and price offer to [email protected] before October 5, 2022.

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