Repusate adds 7 new sources of customer reviews to its sentiment analysis platform

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Repustate announces the addition of seven new data sources to its sentiment analysis platform, Repustate IQ. Brands looking for customer experience (CX) insights can now also import content from Google Reviews, Amazon Reviews, Trustpilot, Reddit, Yelp, and OpenTable directly into Repustate IQ. For brands looking for insights into their employee experience (EX), Glassdoor reviews have been added as a data source.

The all-in-one customer experience and employee experience analytics solution now covers 15 of the world’s leading data sources, including Chinese platforms such as Douyin.

The updated list of customer review sources covered by Repustate IQ is as follows.

  1. ICT Tac

  2. instagram

  3. Facebook

  4. Twitter

  5. Youtube

  6. Douyin

  7. Google Reviews

  8. Reviews on Amazon

  9. Trustpilot

  10. Reddit

  11. Yelp

  12. open table

  13. Glass door

  14. News and polls

  15. Podcasts

Repustate’s AI-powered solution seamlessly extracts targeted insights from terabytes of unstructured data spread across a variety of sources. Granular insights including aspect-emotion co-occurrence, sentiment trends, data source, and language-based sentiment, help organizations develop targeted strategies for business growth while improving operational efficiency and marketing.

Discover actionable insights extracted by Repustate IQ on Disney World Resort, Orlando from guest reviews on Google and Reddit.

Highly customizable, Repustate IQ lets you create custom rules and sentiment aspects based on your needs without coding. It also lets you set instant alerts and notifications for keywords, hashtags or brand mention spikes, for quick action. Additionally, Repustate’s native multilingual capability means that Repustate IQ analyzes 23 languages ​​without machine translation, yielding highly accurate results.

These real-world business cases show how the solution has helped companies in industries such as retail, hospitality, banking, healthcare, education, government services, and more.

Repustate IQ includes a full-fledged platform with a comprehensive visualization dashboard that provides lots of detailed information. It is also available as a standalone API compatible with external dashboards such as PowerBI or Tableau.

Repustate IQ is accessible in the cloud and as a secure on-premises installation.

About Us

Repustate Inc. is an AI-based company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It provides multilingual sentiment analysis insights for customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX) and brand experience (BX) to customers worldwide, across all industries.

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