Prolonged hiring is a loser in today’s job market

Delays in hiring and recruiting have become even more painful for employers during the pandemic.

At a time when labor shortages are crippling parts of the economy, it looks like applicants would be welcomed with open arms. But recent stories about the hiring process suggest that, whatever the need, the recruiting and hiring process remains long and, according to many, inefficient.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the practice of virtual interviews has become so popular that it has now become commonplace in many companies, according to a survey by Indeed highlighted in HR Dive. In addition to being more pleasant for candidates, virtual interviews also reduced the time to hire, a crucial indicator of HR success.

But for many industries, this process could support further acceleration. A recent BBC Worklife story delved into the challenges of faster hiring and onboarding. According to an August 2021 LinkedIn analysis of 400,000 hires, many positions required at least a month or more to recruit. In response to the labor shortage, many executives have increased wages and automated parts of the hiring process, in part to eliminate costly delays.

Dragging out hiring and recruiting, via multiple interviews and slow comments, has always been a source of frustration, but it has become an easy way for companies to inadvertently lose potential hires. According to a new story from Slate, potential employees, energized by a more competitive job market, are increasingly “ghost” employers, skipping late interviews.

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