Police Investigations Reveal Third of Apple AirTag Used in Harassment Incidents: Google is Working on a Fix

As the popularity of Apple AirTags grows, tracking devices have also scared the public. Although no formal studies have been done, a recent survey of law enforcement records shows that the use of AirTags for harassment has become common.

A survey looked at 150 documents over the last eight months to see how many were related to harassment

As reported by Vice, Motherboard recently requested incident reports from a number of police departments that have mentioned Apple AirTags in the past. After investigation, they found 150 documents over the past eight months.

Among the 150 documents obtained, a third of them would be related to harassment. The majority of cases were female, with only one man reporting his ex stalking him using Apple AirTags.

Half of the incidents were AirTags planted in the victim’s car

According to the story of TechSpot, in half of the reported incidents, the device was mainly planted in the victim’s car. Other reports were related to theft or robbery through Apple’s tracking device.

The publication notes that despite statistics showing a significant amount of harassment incidents that used Apple AirTags, the data has not been thoroughly reviewed in the past.

No additional data available to compare statistics

At press time, there is also no other data available to compare the statistics. TechSpot says no one has “looked any further” to find out if the devices were actually being used in these types of incidents even before AirTags were introduced.

During the initial announcement of Apple AirTags, the company noted that the device should have anti-harassment security features. TechSpot maintains that very few headlines about this type of incident are published.

Other devices like Tile have been used in the harassment

The publication noted that other trackers like Tile had been used to stalk people, but it didn’t get much attention. Tile also has poor security measures compared to AirTags.

The publication also noted that the Motherboard study would have raised more questions instead of providing more answers. Although there were 150 documents collected from different police stations, it seemed insufficient.

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Google is working on anti-harassment feature for Android users

Without additional measures to assess whether or not Apple AirTags have been used in illegal or malicious activity, the collection of this type of data would be based solely on reports made. A new notification feature has been implemented for iPhone users whenever an AirTag is nearby and traveling with them.

Although no official notification is available for Android users, Google is currently working on a feature to help them know when an AirTag is being used to track them. On Google Play Reference version 22.12.13, clues have been spotted which should bring “unknown device alerts” and “unknown beacon detection notification”.

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