Partido Reporma: polls are not election results

The poll results should not be treated as the virtual results of the national elections of May 9, as some parties use them to condition the minds of the electorate ahead of the actual polls, the president of Partido Reporma and the representative of Davao del Norte Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez mentioned.

“They should think the election is May 9, which is still a long way off,” the former speaker said.

He noted that people can change two months, one month before, two weeks before, three weeks before, a week before or even a day before the election.

“They can still change their mind,” he said.

He blasted the “dirty tricks” of Partido Reporma rivals so that party president and flag bearer Panfilo “Ping” Lacson would stop his campaign and withdraw his presidential candidacy, which he was the first to declare, with the running mate of the Senate. Vicente “Tito” Sotto last September.

Alvarez was addressing criticism sent by the media that Lacson is expected to withdraw from the 2022 presidential race because he lags behind the polls.

He also denied reports of alleged new negotiations with Lacson and Sotto with the camp of Vice President Leni Robredo, who seeks to unite the so-called opposition ahead of the May elections.

Alvarez assured that their party remains strong and that their supporters remain firmly behind Lacson’s candidacy, believing that the longtime public servant has the ability, bravery, honesty and experience to carry through the reforms that the country is facing. requires.

The Davao del Norte congressman sees no reason for Lacson to stop his campaign as there is time to improve his numbers until May.

“Of all the candidates, brother – and we have discussed this a lot – Senator Ping is the only one most qualified for the position (of president). For me, as I said, whatever happens, we must not stop (the campaign) because if we stop, we deprive the voters of the possibility of choosing the right leader in the elections of May 9 ”, did he declare.

In previous elections, some candidates called for stopping the publication of the results of pre-election polls, because they create “propaganda on the move” to ultimately get the leading candidate elected.

But for Lacson and Sotto, regardless of the poll results, they will continue their campaign not only to showcase and promote their governance platform, but also to guide the Filipino voter on the right candidates to choose on election day, Alvarez said.

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