OSBA Holds Focus Groups Ahead of Marietta Superintendent’s Search Officially Begins

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) — The Ohio School Boards Association held an all-day focus group Tuesday for the upcoming search for school superintendents in the city of Marietta.

Staff members, students, recall groups, athletic departments, and other involved members of the school district have voiced their questions or concerns about the superintendent nominees.

Consultant for OSBA, Teri Morgan, believes that focus groups are important for finding superintendents because they allow them to get the opinions of everyone involved.

“No district operates in a vacuum, it takes all stakeholders, it takes community support, it takes students who are referred and cared for and have the right opportunities, it takes teachers to provide those opportunities and it takes requires administration,” said Morgane.

A concern in a focus group was the potential lack of qualified candidates due to the late search. Teri Morgan admits the traditional season has passed but believes many qualified candidates still exist.

“The season for looking for superintendents and when looking for new positions is usually January, February and March so they can finish in their current district and start fresh in the summer with their new district, but that said, we have still a lot of superintendents looking for this new opportunity,” Morgan said.

Another panel discussion will be held at Marietta College’s The Gathering Place on June 17.

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