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So much is at stake in this election. That’s why I’m asking you to think carefully about how to use your vote to beat the SNP and focus on the issues that really matter to you.

To get local action on local issues, we need to make sure Nicola Sturgeon candidates don’t show up because they’ll never fully focus on the task at hand. It’s vital every time

a pro-British voter unites to make sure we keep the nationalists out. If we all act together, last year’s local results show that it is possible.

But there is only one way to be sure of excluding the SNP from power – and that is to vote for the Scottish Conservatives.

A vote for any other party risks letting the SNP in through a shady backroom deal.

We know the Greens will strike a deal – they are already in a coalition government with the SNP at Holyrood.

We know the Liberal Democrats won’t rule out a deal – leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said so himself.

And we know Labor cannot be trusted to stand up to the SNP. They have been in coalition with the SNP in six councils and in this election they are fielding dozens of pro-referendum candidates.

Some have already said they would challenge party leader Anas Sarwar and work with the SNP.

We will never work with SNP candidates because they do not have the best interests of Scotland at heart.

They’re not just distracted from the enormous challenges we face by their obsession with independence – it’s worse.

They do not support traditional Scottish values. In fact, they are actively pushing to abandon long-established Scottish and British traditions. I’m not just talking about their attempt to break up our country or the Republican and anti-monarchist leanings of many of their candidates.

Their agenda is everywhere to be seen. The SNP no longer seems content with the power it has at Holyrood. They seek even more power now.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Scottish education. The influence of the SNP in our schools has been growing steadily for years. Their flawed curriculum seems to have been infected with pro-independence sentiments too many times.

We are seeing more and more cases where SNP ideology and messages have found their way into the classroom.

It doesn’t matter which political party you support, it should concern you.

Young people should not be subjected to an apprenticeship that seems to bear the fingerprints of the government of the day. The SNP’s use of invasive and inappropriate questions has also gone too far in our schools.

These controversial sex surveys contain questions that Ms Sturgeon herself has refused to answer. So why would anyone think it’s okay to ask young children? This is out of order and is why every Scottish Conservative councilor has pledged to end these polls if elected tomorrow.

No other party has made this commitment. We are also the only party resisting attempts by the SNP to force you out of your car.

Nationalist politicians now seem to think it’s up to them to drive up the price of your cars to the point where they become unaffordable.

Their candidates have talked about instituting a workplace parking tax that would only charge you for parking at work. They raise the prospect of road tolls. They are even considering a commuter tax to affect people who travel to our cities.

There is no way pro-British voters can or will tolerate the way the SNP is eroding these long-held traditional values. We simply will not tolerate it.

The SNP travels our country and your community. But tomorrow you have a chance to change that – your vote can make the difference between victory and defeat for the SNP.

The SNP travels our country and our communities.

Vote to protect Scottish and British values, to beat Nicola Sturgeon’s candidates and to ensure the SNP does not gain power in your local council.

We only have one chance – a great opportunity to hold Nicola Sturgeon to account. Together we can take it. Make your vote count by using it for the Scottish Conservatives.

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