Online Focus Groups Offer Benefits During Pandemic Times and Beyond | 2020-11-19

CHICAGO – Marketing, public relations and branding firm Matrix Partners has added another service to its branded partners in the pet industry: web-based consumer discussion groups.

The company initially rolled out as a socially distant consumer research tool amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but Don Tomala, managing partner at Matrix, said the new tool offered other benefits to its customers. clients.

“When you consider the logistics and travel time savings for customers, finding virtual focus groups is a very cost-effective way to shed light on what consumers expect from your brand and why,” said Tomala.

Matrix Partners has also found that pet owners are more comfortable participating in a virtual focus group, with the ability to express their opinions more freely. For brands, the ability to include participants from different regions of the United States in a single focus group could help determine regional preferences and purchasing behaviors, which in turn can help brands develop more targeted marketing tactics.

Tomala regularly serves as the moderator for each online discussion group session hosted by The Matrix. Outside of these meetings, he leads the firm’s team of marketing experts and designers to deliver unique, competitive branding and actionable insights to his clients.

Some brands of pet food and treat that have worked with Matrix partners include Stella & Chewy’s, Charlee Bear, Hound & Gatos and Inaba. Matrix has also represented other brands in the field of pet products, such as Swheat Scoop, Coastal Pet Products and TropiClean.

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