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WESTBOROUGH, Mass., June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — My-Take LLC, a Greater Boston based on insights technology and analytics, has just launched its latest version of Video Chat, a type of insights community activity used to organize online discussion groups and IDIs.

“With this upgrade and activity type launch comes many new enhancements. We believe this launch will add a lot of value to our customers by incorporating the ability to conduct online focus groups in addition to interviews. in-depth, all from the community platform. The in-depth qualitative feedback obtained through video chat can add color to a study and bring information to life.” – Todd HoskinCo-founder of My-Take

Launch 3.0 updates include:

  • Layout/UI updates – New grid format with an improved user control panel, in addition to a new Tech Helper Chat panel.
  • Co-moderators – Video chat sessions can now have up to 2 moderators.
  • Mobile friendly – Now available for use on mobile devices.
  • Quick creation – Allows administrators to create video chat sessions on the fly.
  • Hover over user context information – Allows permission-approved moderators and observers to hover over and view a user’s key contextual information.
  • Smart markup – Allows admins to highlight specific moments and add a note, live, during a video chat session. A highlight reel is automatically created for these moments in Reporting.
  • Technical updates – Participants are now required to complete a technical check to participate in a video chat session. Reminders and communications for video chat sessions have also been overhauled.

“Unlike video conferencing tools, our video chat activity is specifically designed for market research. With advanced moderator tools and features, the ability to have observers, and our clip editor used to create highlight reels , a tool like this really lends itself to researchers.” – Rich ArmstrongCo-founder of My-Take

My-Take’s industry-leading platform offers video chat sessions to customers at all service levels. contact us to learn more and demo the platform.

About My-Take: My-Take is a greater Boston consumer insights technology and analytics company that offers an advanced Market Research Online Community (MROC) platform and professional research team to deliver actionable insights to clients.

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