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Victoria Young

Applications for Imagine Kannapolis Focus Groups are open and Kannapolis City Council has narrowed the focus areas of the planning process.

Kannapolis City Council decided to take a more in-depth approach in creating future plans for the city after its 2021 virtual retreat. Council members felt they lacked the time and in-depth discussions needed to respond to some concerns.

The purpose of the Imagine Kannapolis planning process is to establish a future vision for Kannapolis, determine priority areas that will achieve the vision, set goals, develop a financial and operational plan, and finally implement implement the plan.

City Council approved the seven focus areas for the planning process at its June 27 meeting.

Economic dynamism and employment

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Tourism and cultural dynamism

Natural and built environment

In addition to the targeted areas, the city is holding focus groups made up of residents and staff members, according to the group.

The focus groups are scheduled to meet several times between July and October this year.

In total, the board approved 13 primary focus groups and 13 secondary focus groups as part of Imagine Kannapolis.

The main discussion groups will be formed and will meet first. The main groups will meet this summer and in the fall. Plans from these focus groups are expected to be implemented in late fall and winter of this year.

The main groups will be divided into groups led by citizens and groups led by city staff.

There will be five citizen-led Primary Groups that will look at:

environmental stewardship

Homelessness and transitional housing

There will be eight primary groups led by city staff, covering:

Midway/North Kannapolis Revitalization

General administration facilities and services

The homelessness and transitional housing group was the first to be named. Council appointed members of the focus group in March.

At the February city council meeting, several council members advocated for the planning process for Imagine Kannapolis to include special attention to homelessness in the city. This prompted the early formation of the group.

The first major discussion groups that should meet are homelessness and transitional housing, historic preservation, environmental stewardship, and neighborhood improvement groups.

The board had previously decided that groups would cap around 10 members each.

The city council has opened applications for the groups to the public. The focus groups will only meet a few times over the next four months, and the entire strategy process will be completed this year.

City employees will present the findings of the focus groups and propose a recommended financial plan for the first phase of Imagine Kannapolis at the November 14 meeting. Phase 1 is also expected to be implemented in January 2023.

Residents can complete a request for focus groups online at

Nominations must be submitted by July 18 and City Council will make the nominations at its July 25 meeting.

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