Official team investigate flood-affected villages in Upper Kurram


District administration officials visited the affected area on the right bank of Pewar Khawar (nullah) in Pranga, Manz, Lundai, Dapa Kali and Sehra Kali Pewar in Upper Kurram on Wednesday to assess the extent of the damage caused by heavy flooding in the nullah. .

These villages have been affected by monsoon floods and heavy flooding in the nullah could further damage valuable agricultural land, the village population, cemeteries and government property including drinking water supply systems, schools and irrigation canals.

During the visit, it was observed that about 10 acres of agricultural land in Sehra Kali has been eroded by the monsoon floods.

People in these areas were busy with self-help to protect their homes, farmlands and other infrastructure from more expected flood hazards, but they cannot afford to fix this problem permanently.

In order to solve the problem of people and protect the existing infrastructure of the government and the village people, a total protection wall of 1,600 feet in various places has been proposed to protect the above-mentioned villages and infrastructure.

These areas are directly threatened by floods, which require emergency remedial measures, otherwise huge losses can be expected in the coming floods.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 28e2022.

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