Nursing Side Concerts: Online Studies and Focus Groups

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This is part of a monthly series on side gigs – nurses with side jobs or interesting hobbies. This month we highlight a nurse who participates in online studies and focus groups.

Like his full-time job, Charles Prendergast, BSN, RN, works as a registered nurse in the medical intensive care unit at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. But in his spare time, he has a concert next door, participating in online studies and focus groups.

We asked him about his part-time job so other nurses could learn about it as well.

How did you become interested in doing online studies and focus groups? When you do an online study, what exactly does this entail? Same thing with a focus group.

I have been participating in online studies and focus groups for the past five years. I became interested in online studies and focus groups when a nursing colleague introduced me to Focus Insite and I started following them on their social media platforms.

When I am selected to do an online study, I am contacted by email with very detailed, but clear instructions on how the study will be conducted. Once I have received and responded to the initial email, the next steps are given to me on how a study will be carried out.

Online studies are very reliable and easy to do as they are done at your convenience from home.

With a focus group, they start with a similar email and are followed by a time that you choose and a date that works for you! The locations are convenient and are in or near metropolitan areas. Once the date and time have been agreed, I go there and I answer the survey.

How often can you participate in online studies and / or focus groups? How long does each tend to take? For focus groups, are they done virtually right now?

I can participate in several online studies and focus groups in a year. The number of studies in which I participate depends on whether you meet the criteria sought by the investigator. Last year I participated in about ten studies and made a huge profit. Each study lasts about an hour. Some studies are two-day surveys and typically last less than two hours in total. Some studies are underway at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic and they are very easy to do! All supplies are shipped to your home and all you need is your computer to hook up the camera they provide and a Zoom video call takes place to walk you through each step.

What types of surveys do you do? Can you give me a rough idea of ​​what it is? What kinds of topics do they cover?

I am mainly finishing medical studies. Qualitative market research is my goal. They range from many topics ranging from injection devices, nursing concepts and ideas to new drugs on the market. Comparing new products in the medical field to products currently in use is a fun and easy way to earn money for your own opinion!

If nurses are interested in getting involved in this kind of work, what would you suggest they do? What kind of fees can they expect to charge for each survey or focus group?

If you want to participate in focus groups and polls, I suggest you follow @focus_insite and @getpaidmedical on Instagram and Facebook. Go to their web page and join a part of their mailing list to learn about new innovative market research. Once you have signed up to their mailing list and completed your profile, they will contact you by email and / or phone. The compensation is very generous for these surveys and each study pays around $ 250 + for an hour of your time. They will also compensate you for parking costs if necessary.

Why do you like doing online surveys / focus groups? What do you get out of it besides the money?

In addition to earning a lot of money, I enjoy participating in market research as it keeps me up to date with the latest new nursing equipment and concepts that will be coming to our field. Being able to give you an opinion on how a product will look, feel and perform before it is released to the market is amazing, and you can say that you have had a lasting impact on the products that you and your colleagues will all use. days.

Finally, I would like to thank Focus Insite Group for giving me the opportunity to express my ideas and opinions on the products I use in my professional career. Focus Insite employees are always professional, helpful, reliable and respectful. It is a pleasure to work with them so that you can earn a little extra income and provide you with a pleasant experience. A relationship with Focus Insite is the key to long term success!

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