NewTek LVDT Position Sensors for Accurate Seismic Surveys


NewTek LVDT Position Sensors for Accurate Seismic Surveys

Vibroseis trucks better equipped to say what’s shaking

Posted: Tuesday, April 12, 2022 – 11:59 AM

(NewTek: Pennsauken, NJ) — Seismic surveys are a non-invasive method used by exploration companies to search for oil and gas below the Earth’s surface. The tests are carried out with vibroseis trucks that deliver low frequency vibration from a seismic vibrator using a base plate that strikes the ground. With each sweep, outgoing vibration signals from the trucks hit the ground at varying speed and frequency. Return signals help identify ground features to create a profile that identifies areas of oil and gas deposits.

NewTek LVDT displacement sensors are deployed on the seismic vibrator trucks to provide feedback on the position of the baseplate hitting the ground to emit the vibrations needed to conduct seismic surveys. Knowing the position of the base plate is important to control the vibrations sent into the ground, which can vary in frequency to detect various characteristics of the ground. Position feedback also verifies whether the baseplate is in the deployed or storage position.

NewTek Economical Model R-812 Series LVDTs operate reliably on vibroseis carts. Designed without internal electronics, these AC-powered sensors lack the sensitive electronic components often affected by shock and vibration. The sensor operates in harsh environments, with remote electronics installed in benign areas.

Constructed with a rugged stainless steel housing, these linear position sensors operate over wider temperature ranges of -65°F to 275°F (-4°C to 135°C) and have longer life than LVDTs with internal electronics. The sensors feature a shrouded and mechanically crimped coil assembly in a 0.812 in (20.6 mm) diameter housing with a separate moving core. Their long life makes them ideal for installations in hard-to-reach places.

1/4″ (6.35mm) diameter core allows for 1/16″ (1.58mm) radial clearance between moving core and 0.812″ (6.35mm) core bore spool assembly diameter, which provides ample core-to-bore radial clearance to accommodate installation misalignments.

For more information, contact Mike Marciante at 856-406-6877 or visit NewTek website.

About NewTek Sensor Solutions

NewTek Sensor Solutions designs and manufactures standard, custom, and harsh environment LVDT-based linear position sensors for industries such as power generation, factory automation, oil and gas exploration, aerospace/ military, chemical processing, underwater oil drilling and automotive testing. Incorporated in 2016, NewTek Sensors offers over 200 years of cumulative experience in the design and manufacture of LVDTs by its key personnel serving an OEM and end-user customer base.

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