New focus groups stir up trouble for Democrats


We’ve all seen President Biden’s approval ratings drop in recent weeks, and the situation has become bad enough that top Democrats are starting to sweat. Many had convinced themselves that the president’s numbers would rebound quickly, after the debacle in Afghanistan was whitewashed out of the news cycle. But this early restoration did not take place, for various reasons. Biden continues to preside over multiple crises, from the ongoing mess in Afghanistan – more on that below – to inflation that seems less ‘transient’ than promised, to weaker than expected economic numbers, to unmitigated disaster at the border, to a country still plagued by the disruption and frustrations associated with COVID. That’s all take a toll, Politico reports, based on the results of a new Pennsylvania voters focus group:

In a focus group last week, Democrats in Pennsylvania articulated one after another about the issue that upsets top White House aides, party members in Virginia, and voters in Georgia: Why is the drop in isn’t President Joe Biden’s job rating rebounding? All nine attendees in Tuesday’s session gave Biden C grades or lower. And their responses came back to a similar point: the pandemic and the many ways it continues to interfere with normal life is altering their perspective on Biden. A woman said she wanted to buy a car, but supply chain issues were delaying new shipments to the dealership. A man complained about the lack of staff in restaurants. “There is discomfort“Said Sarah Longwell, a moderate Republican strategist who became a staunch supporter of Biden in 2020 and led the Democratic Voter Focus Group.” People don’t feel like their lives have improved. They kind of feel that promises are broken.

… Biden’s standing with Americans has collapsed, his average approval rating dropping nearly 15 points since late June. He saw a decline among Democrats and even more among Republicans, but the decline was particularly pronounced among independent voters … Longwell said she was struck by the similarity of Democrats’ concerns to Republicans, and also by the few Democrats in her polls blaming Republicans for standing in the way of Biden. This is a point echoed by nearly a dozen strategists who have compiled or reviewed research on Biden’s precipitous decline … In interviews in the swing state of Georgia and focus groups conducted in other fields of battle, most of the Democratic base voters echoed these concerns … In Georgia, Democrats have said they remain confused and upset over Biden’s decision-making on Afghanistan, border migrants and quarrels within parties over its economic program. “Disappointed” was a word used by most black and white voters who spoke to POLITICO in the Atlanta metro area to describe Biden’s tenure. But none have said they are ready to ditch the Democrats in 2022 and 2024.

They’re all Democratic voters, mind you. As for that last sentence of the excerpt, that’s fine for Republicans. They don’t need grassroots Democratic voters to change parties. They need freelancers to get bitter on Team Blue (like that), for disgruntled centrists / rightists to return to the fold and their own grassroots voters to show up. If these things happen and partisan Democrats remain mired in a “disappointed” “malaise”, it is the recipe for a brutal mid-term cycle. There is still time for Democrats to right the ship before 2022, although it will not be easy, but the concern is more immediate for Democrats in Virginia. This is a big reason why the race for Commonwealth governor seems to be very close in a Biden state. carried by ten points just a year ago:

McAuliffe can’t help but talk about Trump, but Democratic voters are disappointed with Biden, the incumbent president. Much of the frustration stems from COVID and the economy, and it looks like these issues will continue to persist for some time. Supply chain disruptions are significant and are now should overflow in 2022. This jamming and resulting pinching will affect most Americans:

Delays in the global supply chain are so severe that some of America’s largest retailers have resorted to an extreme – and expensive – tactic to try and stock shelves this holiday season: they charter their own freighters to import goods. . Port delays, Covid-19 outbreaks and labor shortages have plagued the flow of product between Asia and North America, threatening the supply of everything from holiday decorations and toys to appliances and furniture. It takes about 80 days to move goods across the Pacific, twice as long as before the pandemic, retail and shipping officials said.

And while the White House and the President talk about warrants, attack Republican governors, and ratify effective treatments, maybe they should have. concentrated more urgent on priorities like this:

This is a drug that could be a game-changer in the fight against COVID, as the clinical trials have been crowned with success (reduction in hospitalizations and deaths in infected patients using the drug about half) “that independent medical experts overseeing the trial recommended that it be stopped early,” to speed up approval. But even if this therapy gets a quick green light to dramatically reduce the severe consequences of the coronavirus, we’ll be behind the eight ball on offer – and as Dr Gottlieb says in the clip above, the responsible party “really is the government”. And for all the polls suggesting that the Democrats’ massive tax and spending program is popular, only about a third of Americans believe the proposed binge will help their families, with a large majority saying it will hurt them or make no difference:

And maybe the Democratic Party army ground game warriors – disconnected, alienating progressives – are actually part of the problem:

I leave you with some updates from Afghanistan, where the nightmare is not over for the thousands of Americans and allies still stranded in the terrorist-controlled country. During the weekend, the taliban announced that it will not help the United States to combat the Islamist extremism of ISIS and other groups, which is to be expected from Islamist extremists. CNN correspondent who covered the whole fiasco tweeted a thread on what she sees and hears, day after day:

And finally, a little good news. Remember the Afghan interpreter who personally asked President Biden, whom he helped rescue years ago, for help? Thanks to the dedication and bravery of American veterans, and after a “heart touching“operation,” Mohammed “(real name: Aman Khalili) was saved: “After a series of demoralizing setbacks and frustrating dead ends over the past six weeks, US veterans have worked with former Afghan soldiers and well-positioned Pakistani allies to carry out a clandestine operation to lead Mr. Khalili and his family for more than 600 miles across Afghanistan and bring them to Pakistan, according to those involved in the effort. ” Thank God for the persistence of our veterans in working to keep a solemn promise and save the honor of our nation. It’s an ineffable shame and shame that this is what it takes, with the United States government reduced to a small player, sneaking around and cooperating with private efforts – rather than taking the lead in a timely fashion. and competent, a long time ago.


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