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MRO Insider press release | August 24, 2021

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MRO Insider announced last week that the company has released an update to its technology that allows aircraft operators to post public notices on service providers. This feature is available to all operators and is currently not specific to events streamlined through the MRO Insider network. Any operator who has significant feedback on the service providers listed on the platform is invited to share information about their experience.

Andy Nixon, Co-Founder and Chairman of MRO Insider said, “Over the past few years, companies have seen the percentage of people who ask for reviews before purchasing an item rise from 72% to over 90%. This is true in business aviation, with most operators wanting real feedback from real customers when considering a new service provider. “

The original MRO Insider platform included a customer review process that was popular among users. Nixon explains, “We have been working on developing an improved revision system and are delighted to announce that it has been released! We have chosen to use QR code technology so that each vendor receives a personalized code to solicit reviews via email, social media or on the ramp.

MRO Insider employees will review, verify and approve all customer reviews submitted through the system to ensure fairness and transparency. The company is currently working on the next phases of development to include the ability for vendors to publicly respond to each review. “We are not interested in belligerent customers or competitors using our platform to be vengeful or malicious. We want to maintain an honest and transparent network and do so by posting accurate, fair and informative notices to users looking to use a provider for the first time.

This press release was prepared and distributed by MRO Insider.


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