Most Job Seekers Don’t Like AI ‘Interviews’ – The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition): Daily News from Korea

A majority of job seekers are uncomfortable with the artificial intelligence-assisted interviewing that Korean companies are increasingly using to recruit staff.

Hyundai this month started using an AI interview program with new hires. Candidates who pass the CV screening stage must sit down for an online chat with a computer that not only analyzes the responses, but monitors their facial expressions, gestures and tone of voice to arrive at a full score.

Over 600 companies are already using AI interviews, including LG Uplus and Shinhan Bank, and have found them particularly useful during the lockdown.

The touted benefit is objectivity, as no human emotions get in the way of AI’s unbiased analysis. “We can play down the controversy over fairness, which is the top priority for young Koreans these days,” a source at a conglomerate said.

But job seekers don’t trust him. In April, job portal Job Korea surveyed 718 people who had gone to job interviews in the past year and found that six out of 10 preferred to be interviewed by humans rather than programs. of AI. The main reason cited by 63.6% was “the fairness of their evaluation”.

In another survey by Job Korea last August, 46.9% said AI programs are error-prone, while 42.2% said they don’t trust the algorithm. Online communities for job seekers are full of warnings, telling interviewees, for example, not to raise one side of their mouth, which the AI ​​could interpret as a smirk.

Companies themselves say that AI programs are just a tool they have to assess job candidates and don’t make the final decision.

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