Mars Wrigley will welcome his relatives in job interviews

Mars Wrigley Australia has announced that it will give potential employees the opportunity to involve loved ones in the interview process to ensure the company is right for them.

The change comes as Australia enters the ‘great realignment’, in which employees are reassessing life and work priorities post-pandemic.

The shift is backed by a national survey from the snacks and sweets maker, which found nearly half of Australians (47%) have turned down a job offer, changed roles or quit a job because it didn’t fit. not with their family life and dynamics. .

Australian sentiment and the company’s own family values ​​played a significant role in why Mars Wrigley Australia added the step to its HR practices.

In a survey of 1,000 Australian workers, Mars Wrigley found that 74% said they trust their partner/spouse’s opinion when deciding to change jobs. When asked to list their considerations when looking for a new role, Australians said flexibility and balance in the workplace (77%) and location (57%) were the most importants.

As a family business, Mars Wrigley knows that “family” is different for everyone – including extended family, life partners, children, friends, sports clubs and even pets.

However, it is this family that allows its people to bring their authenticity to the workplace and creates a greater sense of belonging.

The “Loved One” interview will take place via a virtual interview – where applicants will be asked if they or their loved ones have any questions for the company to help them get the flexibility they need to enjoy what is important to them. The information provided will not impact the outcome of an application, but is designed to ensure applicants are confident that Mars Wrigley is the right fit for them.

Questions such as how company values ​​will allow candidates to care for their loved one or pet when they are not feeling well, or whether parents will be home for the time being school pick-ups are encouraged.

The purpose of the additional hiring step is also to emphasize that “family values” are important in every way, not just for “traditional” families.

Mars Wrigley P&O Director Katy Halliwell said: “As a family business, Mars Wrigley celebrates bringing your whole authentic self to work. Family is different for everyone, but the one thing that is common is that our associates need flexibility for the things that matter most to them in their lives. While we have a long history of providing our associates with flexibility and a supportive, family-oriented environment, we have realized that this is also important for our prospective associates and, as such, a critical step in the hiring process.

“We want to provide fulfilling, yet flexible employment opportunities aligned with the personal life of each of our associates – by opening up the interview process to their loved ones, we ensure candidates have all the information they need. need as they embark on the next chapter of their careers and lives.

The survey also revealed a strong change in the way Australians view work and career in 2022. The majority of respondents admitted that their views on the importance of family (63%) and work ( 62%) changed as a result of the pandemic.

Additionally, the majority of Australians (63%) admit to feeling guilty for time spent at work away from family and half (51%) of us admit to missing an important family event because of work.

Top barriers to moving for a job include the effect on the family unit (66%), being away from extended family and friends (51%) and the impact it would have on their social life (29% ).

The survey also revealed that almost half of Australians (49%) are currently looking for a new job or have recently changed jobs within the last 12 months. This figure jumps to nearly two-thirds (58%) for the millennial cohort.

As a major regional employer of nearly 700 associates, Mars Wrigley Australia strives to attract talent to its roles through its commitment to lifelong career progression, formalized development plans, ability to move between business units and markets and competitive offerings in the industry.

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