Marine Fuels Alliance Hosts Industry’s First Focus Groups

The industry body set up a series of initial focus groups in May and June on a range of topics affecting the bunker industry.

The organization has a series of meetings scheduled for May and June, including the first two on sanctions, compliance and maritime credit it held earlier this month, CEO Antoine Mollet Told Ship and hold this week.

“We hold kick-off meetings to establish the groups, more than anything to plan the agendas,” Mollet said.

“We started the meetings so that the suppliers feel involved and for the partner companies to discuss their specialties.

“We decided to tackle topics first where we know we can create resources and help immediately.

“Other areas are going to require more detailed meetings and work to carefully produce the support and services that suppliers need, for example in the areas of financial resources and insurance policies.”

The meetings follow a structure of introduction to the subject by one of the AMF’s partner companies with expertise in the field, followed by a discussion between the organisation’s bunker supplier members on their concerns and points of view. view on the subject.

The initial meeting schedule is as follows, with two of the focus groups having already met:

  • May 3: Sanctions and compliance: what checks should suppliers perform and tips for creating a sanctions and compliance policy?
  • May 10: Credit, Finance & Risk: How to Interpret Credit Reports and Evaluate Appropriate Lines of Credit
  • May 19: Sustainability: where should the MFA focus its support and advice to members? An overview of carbon offsetting and carbon credit trading
  • May 26: Operations & Processes: Claims, Disputes and Recovery: types of claims and examples of communication in the face of a new or ongoing claim
  • June 2: Technological: Digital solutions and new technologies in the refueling industry
  • June 9: Commercial & Promotions: How the MFA should promote itself and engage in marketing campaigns; how members should promote and support the AMF through their business
  • June 16: Operations & Processes: how suppliers can get help writing their T&Cs; incorporating BIMCO terms

“We’re very keen that it’s not the same group doing every topic, and as the membership grows, I’m able to reach out to different companies and individuals to get involved,” Mollet said.

The organization also conducts a survey of bunker suppliers, seeking to identify areas of the industry that require particular attention.

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