Man inspects rubble to help victims see damage to their homes


BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) – Evacuation orders are still in place for the Marshall fire, making it difficult for some families to travel to their neighborhood to find out if their homes are still standing. A man from Fredrick took to the streets in Boulder County on Friday to be the eyes and ears of those who couldn’t be there.

Ryan Baker is an Air Force veteran and has always felt the need to help and serve his community. When Louisville and Superior flared up on Thursday, he said he knew he had to do what he could.

“I felt obligated,” Baker said of loading his truck with his friend and driving to the aftermath of the Marshall fire early Friday morning.

As much of the neighborhoods were stranded, Baker couldn’t drive near the devastation, so he set off on foot to find the homes of people who texted their addresses in search of answers.

Baker gave his phone number on Facebook and dozens of people contacted him asking him to check their homes, missing pets and valuables. They hoped for the best but expected the worst.

He took videos of the damage, commenting as it went, showing people what was left of their homes. In some cases, Baker says miracles happened and he was able to return good news – their homes were intact.

The victims of the Marshall fire have a long road to recovery, but Baker will be there along the way to do what he can.


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