KC NWSL using fan polls, focus groups seeking permanent name

KC NWSL interviewed its founding members, along with a set of fans during the team’s first home game at Children’s Mercy ParkKC NWSL

KC’s expansion club NWSL has “not yet come up with a permanent name or logo”, but has “created a shortlist based on polls and focus groups”, according to KC STAR’s Shaun Goodwin. The club have “remained coy about revealing hints” about what their permanent name and logo will be, but KC NWSL officials “say those things will be finalized and released this upcoming offseason,” before the start of play in ’22. The club adopted the name KC NWSL for its inaugural season, and similarly the team’s inaugural logo is “used for this season only”. The club’s ownership group and a specially appointed brand advisor “have been busy behind the scenes” and in an attempt “to include fan input in these decisions, KC NWSL interviewed its ‘founding members’, as well as a set of fans” during the team’s first home game at Children’s Mercy Park in April. Some of the themes and names that sounded “well” were: “Two States, One City”, “Rivers”, “Fountains”, “Crossroads”, “Champions”, and “Heartland”. “did not respond well to polls: ‘Arts and Murals’, ‘Jazz’, ‘Midwestern’, ‘Prairie’, ‘Tornadoes’ and ‘Middle’. around town,” as well as some of the city’s “iconic buildings, such as Union Station and the Kauffman Center.” Another “major part of the branding campaign is the club’s color scheme”. One of the team’s current main colors, teal, “was [KC NWSL co-Owner] Angie Long’s idea” (KC STAR, 6/12).

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