Just Mortgages launches discussion groups for brokers

Just Mortgages has launched a series of focus groups to better understand the needs of brokers and help them branch out into new product areas.

The company said brokers with different experiences and backgrounds will be selected from across the country to form groups of 12 under the program.

Each group will then brainstorm ideas such as the best way to communicate important information to potential customers.

Additionally, the focus groups will help develop strategies brokers can use to target clients in new product areas and help them grow and diversify their businesses.

Just Mortgages national operations manager John Phillips said it was easy for brokers to slip into silos not realizing they had a wealth of knowledge to share with others in the business. . Discussion groups have therefore been set up to solve this problem.

“We set up these forums because we wanted face-to-face interaction between brokers so that there was a really engaging exchange of views and opinions. We are just acting as facilitators and ensuring that there is a mechanism to share this information with other brokers,” Phillips said.

Phillips explained that the forums weren’t designed to be a “hollow echo chamber,” but were set up to deliver tangible results in the form of product literature, marketing, and strategies for brokers to develop their business using real examples and case studies.

Once the focus groups are assembled, their information will be disseminated across the country, according to the firm.

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