Hunters are reminded that harvest surveys are mandatory

Written by Marna McManus

For those who enjoy hunting in our province at this time of year, the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Environment recalls that Hunter-Harvest surveys have been mandatory since last year.

The population ecologist for the fisheries, wildlife and land sector, Jessus Karst, said it didn’t take long to complete the form.

“Mainly because it’s online now,” he noted, saying the investigation can be found on the HAL website. “There’s a harvest report you fill out for this license, and if you don’t have access to a computer, there’s also a phone number you can call and they’ll fill it out and help you navigate it. “

Karst noted that this is a license survey, which takes maybe five minutes altogether.

“It’s not a long poll, it’s a short series of questions and it could be either at the end of the season for the one permit, which would be your birds, and for all other game species, it would be right after you harvest. “

He said, even if you have not harvested, this fact must also be provided.

“It just helps us get information about the harvest and how long it took them to hunt or harvest, how long they spent and if they harvested,” he explained. “It can be used for us not only to determine the harvest amount for species per year, but also to look at some of our management strategies. We’ll see if they work or if we need to try different management strategies. based on this information. “

“So we get the data from those surveys and then it’s a pretty quick round where we try to use it for setting quotas for next year next season, so that’s a very valuable contribution to us. “

Karst said most investigation deadlines fall around January 20, but they are expected to be confirmed on the HAL website.

“This is just a very important way for hunters to contribute and be a part of the management of different species in the province, so we appreciate them when they fill it out, for sure. “

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