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Reviser: Andrew Thompson. Location: North Wales: Date: 2021-11-22

Beware of the Consequences of Dealing with Shell Broadband

As a customer you will be subjected to terrible customer service for which Shell Broadband will not apologize or compensate you as a paying customer.

You will receive a substandard router resulting in loss of service on a frequent basis associated with slow speeds for more than TEN months for which Shell Broadband will NOT compensate you as a paying customer.

You will be subject to an additional loss of broadband service coupled with Slow speeds spanning a THREE month period for which Shell Broadband will again refuse to compensate you as a paying customer.

Shell Broadband will not be able to implement an agreement with you on the agreed date and will therefore be in breach of contract. However, Shell Broadband will then attempt to force you to quit the service early so that Shell Broadband can attempt to impose horrendous termination fees.

Excerpts from emails received from Shell Broadband without an author’s name on the document are appalling.

Extract ONE

This decision is final (no compensation will be paid), if you leave during the term of your contract, early termination charges will apply.

Extract TWO

If you now wish to cancel your contract with us, an early termination fee will apply because you are under contract with us. If you want to cancel, we need 30 days notice for this.

Shell Broadband is refusing to release written transcripts from its website regarding appalling customer service as of October 26.

I insisted that all communications must be written by November 9th. However, since posting this event on social media, Shell Broadband now seems to want to discuss this position over the phone where no permanent record exists.

Shell Broadband is an extremely aggressive company in dealing with potential customers, PLEASE beware.

I just posted a google review on this atrocious company on Sunday November 21st. Potential Customers, please read these many appalling reviews of dissatisfied customers and stay away from Shell Energy at all costs.

Shell Broadband’s failure to provide the PAID service on three separate occasions spanning eighteen months

From January to November 2020, the broadband plan failed daily with numerous service interruptions throughout this period from Shell Broadband.

Eventually, Shell Broadband released a new type of router that fixed the situation, albeit several months later. Why didn’t I receive this router in January 2020 when the package started?

I have stated that I need compensation for this loss of service, but none has been provided by Shell Broadband. WHY

From May 2021 to August 2021 again, there were many instances where broadband failed on a daily basis.

No compensation was provided by Shell Broadband for this loss of service either. WHY

The deal made on September 23 was NOT implemented by Shell Broadband WHY

Shell Broadband is now in breach of the agreement with myself for the THIRD time. WHY

When I contacted Shell Broadband previously to report these erroneous cases, I was asked to provide My name, the first line of my address, zip code and my email address.

When I contacted Shell Broadband on October 26 through the website for the FIRST TIME, I was asked for my name, the first line of my address, zip code and account number, not my email address.

Shell Broadband then accessed MY ACCOUNT using the information I provided.

After a while Shell Broadband asked me if I was still there to which I immediately replied YES

I was then disconnected by Shell Broadband WHY – What terrible service is not fit for purpose.

I then contacted Shell Broadband on October 26 through the website for the SECOND TIME

I provided the exact same information for the SECOND TIME as the FIRST TIME.

My name, the first line of my address, the postal code and my account number.

Shell Broadband then repeatedly refused to act. My support request WHY – what a terrible service is not fit for purpose.

I have declared that unless My request is processed immediately, I will cancel My direct debit with Shell Broadband. My request was NOT processed by Shell Broadband and therefore I canceled MY direct debit accordingly.

When I went to the website that day, I found out that the same package that was NOT implemented on September 23 was advertised cheaper WHY?

Is this how Shell Broadband views its established customers with sheer contempt? By offering potential New Customers the same package but considerably less, it is deplorable.

I contacted Shell Broadband for the third time on October 26th this time by phone. Shell Broadband asked me to provide my name, the first line of my address, my zip code and my email address. It has been declared by Shell Broadband that My account number is NOT required.

No consistency from poorly trained staff in communications that took place on October 26th.

Shell Broadband has offered service that is NOT fit for purpose on THREE occasions spanning several months – appalling.

Shell Broadband refuses to compensate for its appalling customer service and to treat its paying customers with utter contempt.

Shell Broadband refuses to release written transcripts from its website regarding this appalling customer service.

I want to post these transcripts on social media so that the public is fully aware of the appalling and aggressive customer service provided by Shell Broadband. I will update this page as events unfold.

Horrible customer service currently experienced by Shell Broadband

Anonymous emails sent by Shell Broadband.

I am currently battling a number of offensive and aggressive emails from Shell Broadband staff sent without the author’s names, this is excruciating. Pure cowardice on their part. This is what you can except as a Shell Broadband customer, beware.

Potential customers, beware of Shell Energy which is now threatening to terminate my service. Stay away from Shell Energy at all costs.

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