How polls shape candidate strategies

In this episode, campaign reporters discuss how candidates watch polls — their own or those taken by others — to find their weaknesses and strengths.

MANILA, Philippines — If the election is a numbers game, the polls are the countdown. These are snapshots of who among the candidates are the favorites at a certain time. No wonder they’re highly anticipated and are generating a flurry of responses from the candidates and their camps – either celebratory statements or explanations of how the winds may yet shift.

By contrast, hot bodies showing up at rallies and candidate processions are yet another indication of a campaign gaining momentum — or losing it.

In this episode of Campaign messagesListen to Rappler campaign reporters discuss how their candidates are reacting and use third-party polls and internal team polls to plan their strategies during the arduous three months of the campaign.

Campaign messages is a weekly talk show and podcast featuring kuwentuhan, analytics and insider insights directly from the physical and virtual campaign journey. It is moderated by journalists Jairo Bolledo, Lian Buan, Mara Cepeda, Bea Cupin, Pia Ranada, Aika Rey and Rambo Talabong.

The podcast version is available on Spotify. It features a second segment titled “And I Quote,” brief excerpts from reporters’ interviews with campaign figures and insiders.

To do Campaign messages part of your weekly ritual until Election Day!

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