Holland Patent to Host Superintendent Research Focus Groups

The search for a new Holland Patent Central School District superintendent is well under way, according to district officials, adding that an important part of the process is to seek community feedback on the attributes, experiences and skills desired for a new superintendent.

Research Consultant Patricia N. Kilburn, Ed.D. will host a series of focus groups for Holland Patent District parents / guardians, alumni and community members on Wednesday, September 15, between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. via Zoom.

Participation in focus groups will be by registration only and will require approximately one hour of participants’ time. To better accommodate participants’ schedules, focus groups will be held virtually, and because focus groups are intended to be representative of a larger population, attendance will be limited to a total of 55 participants.

Anyone interested in participating in a focus group for parents / guardians, alumni and community members should complete a registration form at www.hpschools.org/focusgroup or call Valerie Marris, Council Clerk, at 315-865 -7221 no later than 4 p.m. on Thursday, September 9. When registering, people will be asked to identify themselves as a parent / guardian, alumnus, or community member. The participants will be selected at random for the time slots of the discussion groups via the lottery according to these three categories.

All registrants will receive an email from [email protected] before the close of business on Friday September 10, confirming the time of the focus group they have been selected to participate in. Anyone unable to participate is encouraged to participate in the online public survey described below.

Additional focus groups for middle / high school students and district staff members were conducted directly through the HP School District.

A public online survey, including the same questions from the focus groups, will be available on the district’s website, http://www.hpschools.org, and on the Facebook page starting Monday, September 20, for anyone with disabilities. participate in virtual discussion groups.

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