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Based in israel Affogata closed a $ 5.5 million funding round as the company hopes to capitalize on favorable winds from more people online and businesses migrating to digital platforms.

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The tour was co-led by Mangrove Capital partners and PICO business partners. by Fiverr founder and CEO Micha kaufman and Wix Capital also participated.

Affogata’s platform examines what customers think about a brand’s website, app, or other platform by analyzing what they say on social media, in real time, in real time. app stores, through support tickets and in other places.

“Fundamentally, our goal is to make B2C brands more aware of the voice of the customer and act accordingly,” said the co-founder and CEO Sharel omer.

The time had come

Due to the pandemic that forces so much of people’s lives online, brands are eager to try and figure out what customers want and how to improve the digital experience they are giving them, Omer said.

“We’ve seen a big jump since COVID,” he said. “Everyone is online and everyone is talking.

Affogata analyzes this chatter and rates its customers from zero to 10 based on its findings. The company, founded in 2019, has about a “dozen big brands” as customers and “a few million dollars” in revenue, Omer said.

Its main competitors in the market are the old methods of tracking customer opinions, such as focus groups or surveys that don’t offer real-time data points, Omer said. While something like Google Analytics provides feedback, Omer said he does not see this platform as competition because it only analyzes what users are doing when they are on something like a website. Affogata is able to examine opinions before, after and while a customer uses a brand’s digital platform, he said.

Look ahead

Itay Asulin, of Mangrove Capital Partners, said his company believes Affogata has the potential to become a billion dollar company in a market that is several times its value.

“The web is growing, more people are talking and the number of unsaved conversations by brands in the digital space is growing every day,” Asulin said. “Affogata enables brands to scale quickly and deliver an experience that will set them apart in everything from customer success to development and marketing in a way no other solution can deliver. “

Despite being only a year and a half old, the 40-person company believes that with more brands going digital and more consumers spending time online, the opportunity is limitless.

“Our vision is to build something big,” Omer said. “The market is big enough, the opportunity is big enough.”

Drawing: Li-Anne Dias.

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