Gainesville restaurant apologizes after customer review goes viral

GAINESVILLE, Texas (KXII) – Residents of Gainesville are angry, after a social media post went viral over the weekend – claiming a 14-year-old boy was abused at the restaurant where he was working.

“It looked like something from one of those Kitchen Nightmare TV shows, it didn’t feel real,” customer Whitney Vogl said.

Insults, reprimands, belittles and humiliates.

These are the words Whitney Vogl and her husband shared on Facebook Sunday afternoon, after visiting the Trails Inn restaurant in Gainesville.

The couple say they witnessed verbal abuse from several staff members towards the kitchen bus boy, who appeared to speak only Spanish.

“Our waitress, who had been very friendly to us, started yelling at the bus boy,” Vogl said. “He was the only one to clean the restaurant. She started screaming “Come on man, go clean up your mess, come on man”, and she said it a few times.

Vogl says it didn’t end there, she says another man started working on the boy.

“He called her a losing… Humiliating and making this 14-year-old cry in a restaurant full of people, ”said Vogl.

A few hours later, Trails Inn reached out to incident on Facebook.

“There is no excuse. You shouldn’t talk to anyone like that, especially a young man who’s just trying to get a paycheck at the end of the day, ”said COO Goni Mena.

Mena says they’re doing everything in their power to make things right, starting with letting go of the waitress involved.

“It’s not just me who apologize, (it’s) everyone in this restaurant. We have three generations of families working there … We want to help and do everything possible to find good graces with this community, ”said Mena.

As for the busboy, a family friend says they are grateful for all the good words from the community.

“We want to thank everyone who had kind words to say about him,” said Bibiana Rodriguez. “How they were helping her, the community did an amazing job in that regard. We just want to thank everyone there.

The restaurant says it will give the waiter a bonus check for $ 1,000 on top of his regular paycheck.

Members of community also raised over $ 2,000 for the boy and his family.

Gainesville residents are angry after a social media post went viral over the weekend claiming that a 14-year-old bus boy was abused at the restaurant where he worked.(Facebook)

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