Gableman reverses course on subpoenas and election inquiry interviews | Local government

Wisconsin mayors have no role in administering the election, so it’s unclear what Gableman was hoping to learn from the latest round of subpoenas. In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Tuesday, Gableman said, “Most people, including me, don’t have a comprehensive understanding, or even an understanding, of how elections work.

Democrats have called the Gableman inquiry a farce and an attempt to undermine public confidence in the election. A recount and court rulings claimed President Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in Wisconsin by nearly 21,000 votes. Only four of the approximately 3 million voters who voted have been charged with fraud.

Regardless, Trump still refuses to admit defeat and has pressured GOP lawmakers to investigate voter fraud. Vos hired Gableman in June at a cost of nearly $ 680,000 in taxpayer dollars for the one-party investigation.

Gableman said he plans to review the advice given by the bipartisan State Election Commission to clerks and the donations that the Facebook-funded Center for Tech and Civic Life has given to communities in Wisconsin, to help organize the 2020 elections.

In a video last month, Gableman said he was not trying to overturn the election results, even though he told Trump supporters in November, without evidence, that he believed the election had been stolen.

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