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(Farragut) – The Town of Farragut is hosting a community vision meeting this weekend to discuss improving local transportation infrastructure.

Farragut joins Stanton and 10 other communities in the Community Visioning program which aims to bridge the gap between demand and availability of resources needed to improve transportation. The program helps communities work alongside Trees Forever and Iowa State University’s Department of Landscape Architecture to secure Iowa DOT funding for improvements. Joining Thursday’s edition of KMA’s “Morning Show,” Lisa Allen Sonka, a member of Farragut’s community committee, said the purpose of the focus groups this weekend was to outline plans for improvement.

“What they’re going to do is Iowa State students are going to take all of this information and form an incredible project for Farragut that I’m very excited about,” Allen Sonka said. “They did it recently in [Shenandoah] and they also did Malvern. Very impressive. This year we are fortunate to be honored as well as Stanton.”

Anyone from the Farragut community can participate in meetings. This includes people who may travel to Farragut from nearby towns to walk or use the park. Allen Sonka says she also looks forward to continued improvements to Admiral Trail, which currently connects New Orleans Avenue to Manti Road.

“We have benches that we set up all along the trail,” Allen Sonka said. “We are about to put kilometer markers there. Our plans are to go through [Shenandoah] then connect with the Wabash Trace and it’s really exciting.”

With the improvements in Farragut, Allen Sonka hopes the town will attract people from all over.

“My passion is for Farragut, I grew up there”, mentioned Allen Sonka. “I remember the community days. I remember the activities. I know it can’t be like the 70s anymore, but we can be something. And we can be a place of destination.”

The focus groups will take place on Saturday, April 9 beginning at 9:00 a.m. at Farragut’s Leisure Hall and will be divided into groups based on age and level of physical ability. Allen Sonka encourages anyone interested in helping to feel free to contact the Steering Committee at 712-385-8125. You can also register online at communityvisioning.org/farragut and click on the “Public Input” link. You can listen to Lisa Allen Sonka’s full interview here:

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