EV Surveys Pitchground Discount: Lifetime Offer for $49.00

Location of EV surveys: EV Surveys lets you create and launch online surveys. With EV, your surveys look good and provide a great experience for survey respondents, allowing you to get more people to take your survey.

We are also fans of simplicity. So we’ve kept it that simple. No need to stack, choose from plans, etc. The offer is simple – get all the features, unlimited usage, for one simple price.

Click here to purchase EV Surveys Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49.00

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We created EV Surveys to solve four problems:

Lack of inexpensive, intuitive and data privacy friendly solutions.

Getting users to complete a survey is difficult.

A tool that can handle multiple business needs.

Absence of a clear and minimalist vision from the point of view of data collection.

It took us a while to find a solution that we would have liked for ourselves, but we are happy to finally have it ready.

The cost is nothing compared to the improved experience. Especially when integrated into your product.

Click here to purchase EV Surveys Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49.00

EV Surveys offers an intuitive, lightweight and fun-to-interact experience. You can use attractive visuals to make the experience enjoyable and get a higher survey response rate.

Anything is possible with EV Surveys – you can use it to collect product requirements, onboard a new employee, generate leads for your business, or gather feedback.

You can use NPS to give a survey a question, but collect a ton of information without the user jumping through piles of questions. Our intuitive user interface helps you get to the most important information with the least effort from your user.

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1 year access to the EV Surveys professional plan including:

Unlimited polls

Unlimited responses

Own your data


Pre-built models

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