Euclid Fire Department uses surveys and visits to prevent fires – News-Herald

The Euclid Fire Department collected data and information through censuses and routine visits in an effort to reduce the risk of fire in the city.

He uses his office of fire prevention to analyze the likelihood of fires in every building in the city through a series of searches, inspections, and census leads. The Bureau of Fire Prevention tracks data regarding smoke detectors, sprinkler systems and more.

“Prevention is key,” said Deputy Fire Chief Will Anderson. “We are blessed in the city of Euclid to have a well-staffed fire prevention office. They are the ones who carry out the building inspections and collect the information that saves lives. They can identify issues with outlets that may be at risk of blockage or if sprinkler systems are outdated.

“Prevention offices are often the unsung heroes of any fire department”

Anderson says the majority of home fires result from complications while cooking. Fires of this nature are often harmless because the resident is usually alert when the fire starts.

He also said those most at risk of death from fires are normally older people who smoke regularly. Often hot ashes are left unattended or too close to oxygen tanks.

“We are all working together for the same cause, which is to provide for the needs of our communities and to provide them with a high and safer quality of life,” said Anderson. “The death toll from fires annually exceeds the death toll from most natural disasters. We want to do everything we can to reduce this number.

The Euclid Fire Department has partnered with the Red Cross and Lincoln Electric to provide smoke detectors to high-risk community members.

“We saw it as a great way to give back to the community through Lincoln Electric and reduce fire risk for our residents,” Anderson said. “According to our census, the specific neighborhoods selected have had the highest number of fires in the area over the past three years.”

Anderson said these data collections are crucial to help prevent fires and keep their community safe through their community connections and various partnerships.

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