Duncan Campbell on 20 consecutive polls No. 1 for ARN

As the dust settles on the third radio ratings survey for the year, ARN has recorded its 20th consecutive winning survey. Overall, the network recorded a market share of 19.2% and over 5.7 million listeners (both including DAB+).

Media Week met with ARN’s content manager Duncan Campbell to dissect the results and what keeps ARN on top.

“This is our 20th number one network result in a row, which is great – and a bit of a milestone, which is always cause for celebration,” Campbell said. “It demonstrates the coherence of the network. We have great talent on the air and great talent off the air. A lot of hard work is needed to achieve these results.

In addition to the 20th overall achievement, the third survey continued big streaks for RNA wave talent. In Sydney, The Kyle & Jackie O Show recorded its 27th consecutive poll as No. 1 FM. For Campbell, that largely comes down to nailing the basics.

Kyle and Jackie O

“The network has grown in size over the past few years – the real tipping point was obviously Kyle and Jackie O from 2Day FM. From there, we just built on that.

“It’s not very sexy, but the network has always been built on a solid strategy, which is executed methodically. The biggest risk in this business is that you get bored with the core business and get distracted. I’ve been very determined that we don’t get distracted, at ARN we focus on what gets us those results.

In the north, Brisbane’s 4KQ has seen its numbers surge as listeners tune in to say goodbye to the station. It is 4KQ’s penultimate station under ARN after the acquisition of Grant Broadcasters resulted in its sale to SEN. Campbell says that not only is 4KQ an iconic brand, but it has performed solidly in a tough market.

“It’s gone from a two-horse race five years ago to a five-horse race right now – with shares of 11.2, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, that’s very close. The third horse in this race is 4KQ, so they did very well.

In a survey full of highlights, Melbourne’s Gold 104.3 stands out. This was the 19th consecutive survey as the #1 FM station for Goldand the 16th consecutive #1 FM poll for Gold’s The Christian O’Connell Show.

“We bought Christian O’Connell in Melbourne from the UK, and people said it wouldn’t work – but it worked better than we expected, which is fantastic. He now has his 16th FM number one result – a sweet 16 for him.

“He was a great achievement – I call him the golden fairy tale. It was his wife’s ambition to move to Australia at some point if the time was right, and we were able to facilitate that. C he’s a unique broadcaster, he’s a real broadcaster, he understands the medium and he’s hungry. I’m not surprised it was a success, but certainly, he succeeded faster than I thought.

As Radio

The Christian O’Connell Show (lr) Jack Post, Christian O’Connell and Patrina (Patsy) Jones

As Christian O’Connell continues to score goals since breakfast, Campbell says the success has been seen across the resort.

“You can hear the station making all day long, we’re also number one drive on Gold. Credit to Sue Cartercontent director and Jason Staveley, musical director, as well as all the talents. I think it’s one of the best sound stations in the country right now.

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