DRDO Chairman Satheesh Reddy Says Focus Groups Needed in Labs to Develop Future Technologies

HYDERABAD: DRDO President G Satheesh Reddy said on Monday that there is a need to create a focus group in each DRDO lab to work on future technologies. He was speaking Monday on National Science Day 2021 at DRDO headquarters in New Delhi at a reception hosted by the Defense Science Forum.

Satheesh Reddy, who is the secretary of DD R&D and the chairman of DRDO, commended the scientific community for its continued pursuit of excellence and self-reliance. He stressed the need to focus on science in laboratories and academic institutes and to offer advanced technologies. Satheesh Reddy stressed the need for a focus group in each DRDO lab to work on future technologies. “It is important for any nation to work on the fundamental aspect of science, for which universities must be strengthened. With this, the nation can come out with quality products, ”he said.

Senior government scientific adviser. from India, Professor K Vijay Raghavan said that there was a significant amount of work done by DRDO that embodies quality science. He appreciated the speed and quality of DRDO’s innovations during the pandemic. He said that in a design-driven world, two main goals should be to design and manufacture locally. “In the new era of partnership between DRDO and industry, we should have the capacity to buy local and manufacture local,” he said.


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Forty-seven research papers were received from various DRDO laboratories / institutions, out of which three research papers were rated as the best. Defense Science Spectrum, a compilation of scientific papers received from laboratories from various groups, was also published by dignitaries on this occasion. DRDO Science Day speeches were delivered by scientists from three DRDO laboratories, namely, Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL), Hyderabad, Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), Bengaluru and Defense Research and Development Establishment (DRDE), Gwalior.

Dr AK Singh, Director General (CEO), Life Sciences, and Facilitator of the Defense Sciences Forum delivered the welcome speech. Sudhir Gupta, DG (TM), KS Varaprasad, DG (HR) and Nabanita Radhakrishnan DG (SAM & R&M) were also present on the occasion.

National Science Day is celebrated annually on February 28 to commemorate the discovery of the “Raman Effect” in 1928 by Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, which won him the Nobel Prize in 1930.

The Defense Science Forum is a platform of the DRDO where scientists from various disciplines interact to foster brotherhood, the exchange of ideas with luminaries from different disciplines and the feasibility and planning of all interdisciplinary projects where expert advice is required.

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