Dixie State name change process continues, focus groups discuss topics

ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – Another step in the Dixie State University name change process has been taken.

After 47 panel discussions with more than 300 stakeholders, Love Communication said it shared the results with the Dixie State University Name Referral Committee.

At the end of April, six themes for the new name were identified after a survey of nearly 14,500 people. These themes were:

  • Saint George
  • Bowl
  • Geological
  • Academic mission
  • Desert
  • Utah

Love explains that the focus groups were organized to provide the committee with information to refine the themes.

According to the results, participants liked a name based on the school’s academic mission as it would formalize its new polytechnic leadership. But concerns have been raised that terms such as “tech” or “polytechnic” are not fully understood because there is no technological university in Utah.

Institutional names like Deseret were suggested, which would allow the acronym DSU to remain, but participants were concerned that this could be problematic due to the religious connotations the word carries, as well as the lack of familiarity outside of it. Utah.

While participants supported the Dixie theme, because it honors the heritage of the community, they raised concerns about its confusion and significance outside of Utah. The participants would have felt the same about the theme of St. George.

Participants also supported the geological / geographic theme, citing its uniqueness and lack of negative connotations. Concerns have also been raised about his lack of academic prestige.

According to Love, attendees liked having Utah in the name, preferring the location identifier it provides, but struggled to find a use that would distinguish it from other colleges and universities in Utah.

A final theme should be selected by the Name Referral Committee in the coming weeks after reviewing information from studies and surveys already conducted.

Once the final name themes have been selected, the committee will look for specific name options within the theme. The name’s final recommendation will be ready for submission to the university’s board for a vote this month, officials hope.

To learn more about this process, visit Dixie State website.

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