Critics from “insensitive” customers trigger criticism from restaurant staff

Restaurant owners and employees interact with a myriad of customers on a daily basis. While most of the time the exchange of food and service between restaurant staff and customers is fine, sometimes things go wrong, and when that happens, bad reviews kick in. Recently a review born from such an incident was launched in the Twitter space and is now viral. And the reason is the twist in this review. Shared by a user named “Flagsam”, the screenshot of the review depicts a disappointed customer and an even more disappointed restaurateur. The user, in the caption, wrote: “The food / beverage industry at a glance. Apparently a customer named David DeMerchant had a bad restaurant experience and decided to write a review about it. The one-star reviewer said, “Don’t bother calling for take out. They put you on hold and never come back. Well that was only one side of the story, and it looked like David had had bad customer service.

However, things changed when the restaurant owner stepped in and told the whole story. The response reversed the whole perspective built by the customer’s opinion. He said, “Sorry for your convenience. The waiter who took your order had a seizure while doing so and was unable to complete the process.

So far, the bad service had a credible reason. But the owner didn’t stop there. “When you showed up to pick up your order and it was not ready, even though there was an ambulance in front of the restaurant and we were dealing with the medical emergency, we offered to finish your order at that time. The answer continued and earned the owner brownie points. Now was the time to take it off. The owner ended the response with, “I’m sorry you declined and chose to complain in a public forum. “

Since being shared, the tweet has garnered over 3.6 lakhs of likes and opened the floodgates for a plethora of such stories shared by restaurant workers.

A user shared a customer’s story with a bizarre complaint. Looked:

Here are several other user stories:

Do you think it’s high time customers were indulgent with restaurant workers and didn’t treat them badly?

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