Committee provides summary of public safety focus groups

Throughout this academic year, the university Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) examined the views and experiences of students, faculty and staff at the Ithaca campus regarding public safety and policing on our campus. Last month we reported the results a quantitative survey of the Ithaca campus community, which was followed by a series of qualitative focus groups with students, faculty and staff to allow for deeper and more nuanced discussions.

Led by Southpaw Insights, an independent research and analysis firm, these conversations involved a large cross-section of 90 Ithaca campus students, faculty and staff, who were invited based on interest expressed in their initial responses. to the survey. Southpaw also recruited participants through various inclusion and diversity groups on campus, and hosted a focus group for officers from the Cornell University Police Department, to ensure the widest possible range of voices. for those important discussions.

On behalf of the PSAC, I invite you to consult Southpaw Synthesis Report and learn more about these topics, which take place not only on our campus, but across the country.

We are grateful to the many members of our community who volunteered their time and ideas by participating in the survey and focus groups. It is encouraging to see the level of commitment and care with which the Cornell community approaches these complex issues.

PSAC is studying the results of the quantitative survey and focus groups closely as we prepare a final report and set of recommendations for President Pollack later this spring. We look forward to sharing this information with the entire Ithaca campus community once completed.

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