Carwiz is rolling out a new mobile app for customer reviews – Rental Operations

Petar Aračić (left), founder and CEO of Fast Review, with Krešimir Dobrilović (right), founder and CEO of Carwiz International.

Photo: Carwiz International

Croatian car rental company Carwiz International announced in a statement its intention to introduce solutions to enable its partners to increase the number of positive online reviews and user satisfaction. Fast Review is a web-based application that helps in successful management and brand building globally. The mobile app works by placing a Fast Review card inside the offices, and the user shares their experience by simply resting their phone against the card.

As they point out in Carwiz, it has been established that a dissatisfied customer will go to a lot more effort to share their dissatisfaction, while satisfied ones, due to lack of time, will not leave a review at all.

“The reason we decided to take this step is precisely this simplified process of leaving reviews, as Fast Review allows a person to write a review and be happy with the business in just 20 seconds” , said the founder and CEO of Carwiz International, Krešimir. Dobrilović in the statement. “Negative reviews, even a few, will cast a negative light on the business and therefore lead to fewer bookings.” Dobrilović added that Fast Review cards are being introduced globally, so all Carwiz countries will now implement a new system in its offices with the aim of increasing user satisfaction.

Carwiz Serbia is the first site to implement this new system, which the franchise says has resulted in an increase in overall reviews, providing a clearer picture and insight into how it works. Users can now leave a realistic review in a short time and proportionate to the actual quality of service.

Carwiz Croatia also recently implemented a new Fast Review system in its operations, and the plan is to introduce the new system in other countries where the Carwiz franchise operates.

This working method also allows franchise partners to gain insight into the efficiency and work of office workers because it is through positive or negative evaluations that employees will be able to achieve better results and be more productive, which which will also increase customer satisfaction.

“Online reviews have been proven to influence over 90% of consumers before purchase and over 70% of consumers trust the local business more if the business has positive online reviews,” said added Petar Aračić, Founder and CEO of Fast Review. in the statement. “With this in mind, many global businesses have decided to start using the Fast Review app. Fast Review will help you receive more positive online reviews and customer feedback while they are still using your business and while impressions are fresh, but also to reinforce the brand vision and maintain consumer satisfaction.”

The goal is to gain a stronger position in the market and establish a positive and credible reputation, which is crucial for building the global brand.

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