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Manage energy consumption of residential customers

The EMi thermostat is connected to an external modem which accesses the Internet through the regular telephone power of a home or small business customer. When the utility company wishes to initiate a supply reduction, it sends a call to the modem using a distinctive ring that will activate the modem. The modem then calls a central utility outage dispatch station, from which it downloads the new settings to the thermostat.

The residential gateway as an energy manager

In a survey of high-end entertainment homes asked about the usefulness and value of PC-based control services, respondents ranked power management as the most appealing service option, 54% indicating that they had a strong interest in such a service. Utilities are aware and energized by this new demand, and as telemetry services become more widely available, Parks Associates believes consumers will be receptive to these services.

What’s new!

A commercial business owner in Southern California, using multiple stores in a strip mall, currently pays $2500.00 per month for electricity. He is warned of a 78% increase by 2002, which would put his costs at $4,450.00 per month. This considerable increase in general costs will lead to a certain increase in its products and services to customers. In order to stay competitive, a business owner will be forced to find solutions to save energy over the long term.

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