80% of program directors support virtual radiology residency interviews, but the future is still up for debate

When describing the virtual interview season, both program directors and applicants gave good marks, with 80% of graduates and 74% of applicants describing it as “excellent” or “very good”.

Likewise, 60% of PDs and 80% of applicants believe that the pros outweigh the cons. Both groups noted that the virtual process promoted fairness and well-being among applicants, with many highlighting the economic benefits of eliminating travel requirements.

However, some drawbacks were mentioned in the survey results. Maintenance slots increased by 15%, resulting in “on-demand” and “build-up of maintenance”. The latter has reduced the time available for applicants, leading to concerns that they may not fully understand the culture of the program or may not present themselves accurately.

Interestingly, although the majority of respondents commented positively on the process, when asked about future operations, PDs were divided on whether to come back in person, with 40% in favor and 36% versus.

The authors had a possible explanation for this.

“PDs may have considered that the advantages of the virtual season outweighed the disadvantages in terms of collective interest; while the shared preference for returning to face-to-face interviews may be of personal interest, ”wrote Shamus K. Moran, MD of the Department of Radiology, University of Washington Medical School, and co-authors.

Overall, the results show that the current processes are suitable for the people involved, but the preferred future methods are still subject to debate.

For the full survey results, visit Academic radiology.

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